Frequently Asked Questions By Our Visitors

Q: Free samples by mail? That sounds fake is it real?

A: Yep, 100 percent real free stuff by mail to be exact, we guarantee every offer is legit, and we promise you’ll love your free samples by mail! Or your money back.

Q: Are there hidden shipping fees somewhere? I just don’t see how someone can give out free samples by mail!

A: Nope, our offers are always free, and that includes free shipping every time, because we know you want your free stuff by mail to be free, and it’s not free to us unless it’s REALLY free shipping included.

Q: Do you give out the free samples yourself?

A: No, we spend hours scouring through different companies that offer samples to get more attention, and only post the most reputable awesome ones out there, we always make sure to avoid any spammy, sketchy, or bad websites that’s a promise.

Q: How can someone afford to give out free stuff by mail every day?

A: Companies give out samples of their products because it’s a very effective marketing strategy. If you like their products there is an excellent chance you will buy from them in the future. Many big retailers and manufactures have budgets in the millions (even billions) of dollars devoted to giving out free samples by mail of their products to people just like you. We just help you take advantage of your freebies by mail by sorting out the bad ones, offering the good ones, and doing it all in style.

Q: Is it safe to give out my information?

A: Absolutely, you really can’t get your freebies by mail if the companies don’t know here to send it hence the term freebies BY MAIL.

Although we do recommend you make a different “throw-away” email to put into forms we provide, although it’s safe to use your own, we have just found it’s easier and safer using a separate email.

Q: Is this anything like those free iPod ads that you see sometimes?

A: No! We deal with genuine free samples from great companies, you wont ever have to worry about getting scammed here. We are extremely cautious about what companies we do business with. We only link to reputable companies with legitimate free samples by mail.

Q: Where can I go for more free samples by mail, if I already got yours?

A: We even got you there! Head over to our other freebies by mail sites by clicking here, and here we provide 1-2 extra freebies by mail a day on our sister freebie sites every day, because we know you want your free stuff by mail and if that means we need two places, then we got you covered!

P.S. We are so happy to announce that we are now going to be working with the family owned brand Ficarro Farms (A U.S.A. Company based on organic and green products for a low price) visit them here (they also write well written daily in-depth articles about various subjects), they also blog daily on their other site here, we will soon be offering free organic samples provided by them so be sure to check back daily for that, because here at Free Samples Site, we know you want and deserve the best freebies by mail, and we want to give you those freebies, every day of the week.