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We love free stuff by mail, especially no strings attached, and we know you do too. That’s why we started Free Samples Site our counterpart to Surf4Freebies because we know you want free samples by mail all the time, so we decided to give it to you daily x 2!

So if you would like more freebies by mail offered daily click here, and here to visit our sister freebie sites. We post 1-2 completely different freebies by mail there, all legit and cool, that’s a promise.

Businesses want people to experience, touch, taste, see, and experience their products in the hopes that people will love the products and possibly come back for more. They spend a lot of money giving out totally cool stuff in the hopes that you and I will like it and spread the word. It’s a simple concept – try it for free and see if you like it, only we know it’s hard these days when old sites that used to be cool freebie sites are now defunct, misleading, or just plain ugly. That’s why we do all the hard work while making it easy, and fun for you our visitor to get free samples by mail every single day of the week!

We at Free Samples Site are on a mission. We look for great stuff that has no strings attached – samples that companies are willing to send straight to your doorstep for FREE, and we post the ones we think are awesome on a daily basis, on both sites, that’s minimum 3-4 free samples by mail EVERY DAY. And that’s a promise, we love it when you are happy, and if that means more free stuff by mail, then so be it!

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We are a family business that cares about awesome quality, fantastic privacy, and having lots of fun getting free stuff by mail every day. We hope you have fun with both of our sites, bookmark both and keep coming back to see the new additions, that way it’s easier to enjoy getting great free samples delivered directly to your home. Make sure to check back daily because we really do offer free stuff EVERY day, and we mean it.

Don’t be shy about contacting us or commenting as we love to hear from you and by all means, join the fun and get your free stuff by mail today!

We are so happy to announce that we are now going to be working with the family owned brand Ficarro Farms (A U.S.A. Company based on organic and green products for a low price) visit them here (where they also write well written daily in-depth articles about various subjects), they also blog daily on their other site here.

We will soon be offering really cool free organic samples by mail provided by our friends at Ficarro Farms, so definitely be sure to check back daily for that, because here at Free Samples Site, we know you want and deserve the best samples by mail, and we want to give you those samples, every single day of the week.